The Stamatis Group

Connecting people. Building bridges and strategic partnerships is our business.

We help you meet or bring your (project, startup, or company) to the right influential decision-makers (investor/c-level/executive/philanthropist) for you to grow, succeed & win! We are specialized in growing businesses through commercial partnerships and networks. We travel to meet your clients for you.

Where you are in 5-10 years depends on the relationships you build today!



Our Purpose

In business to help make a positive impact in the world using the right relationships in a rapidly changing world.

Our Mission

We strongly believe that every entrepreneur/business/organization deserves the chance to make an impact on their ideas and project by meeting with the right contact to achieve their goals and succeed.  

We want to be there, helping them along the way through their struggle and see them win BIG!

Our Values

• Put our client’s wishes ahead of the firm’s

• Provide our clients with the best advice to help them achieve their goals while building long-lasting and trusted professional relationships.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Let's get working!

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